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  • Shelley (Thursday, September 21 17 03:18 pm EDT)

    This company stands by their slogan "Making IT simple!". I had 3 companies come out to assess my IT needs and they all left without giving me an answer because they needed to perform an analysis and get back to me. Then I was fortunate enough to meet Alaric. He came out in a timely manner and he actually answered all of my questions before he left - something no other IT company was able to do. I'm so glad he makes IT simple instead of over complicating it. He is very knowledgeable and provides exceptional customer service. Highest recommendation possible!

  • Wade Tettenburn (Wednesday, September 21 16 04:54 pm EDT)

    We are pleased with the service we have received from FixitTech. Alaric has been a life saver, problem solver, and a great asset to our small business when we have tech issues, that arise. Thanks,
    for the outstanding work !

  • Lynn Ward (Tuesday, March 22 16 04:10 pm EDT)

    FixitTech is our go-to company for any of our technical issues and we wholeheartedly trust them with our computers. We can always count on Alaric to promptly respond to our many technical
    emergencies. He is friendly, professional and even gives us tips to help us out. We would recommend FixItTech to any small business who is looking for fast, accurate, and reasonably priced services.

  • Robert (Monday, March 21 16 04:01 pm EDT)

    My experience with FixiTech was outstanding. I highly recommend their services.

  • Karen Stift (Friday, January 08 16 01:41 am EST)

    My son was applying for a job and needed to email his resume, we couldn't get it to email or print from either computer, so I went to Fryes and they told me there was a problem with the computer and
    I needed to buy a usb stick. So I did and the guy copied the resume to it, and I went to another place like a staples to print it, The next morning I saw Alaric and asked if he had a moment to answer
    a computer question. He was more than happy to listen and advise me on what I needed to do and said there wasn't anything wrong with my computer. He gave me his card and said if you have problems
    call me and I will walk you through it. I went straight home and did as he said!! It worked!! Thanks Fixitech! Couldn't have done it without you! And I appreciate you not brushing me off and being
    very kind!! He got the job!!!

  • Brian Stevenson (Sunday, November 08 15 10:06 pm EST)

    I love this service. They helped me resolve a problem after building my first computer for a reasonable price and expert service.

  • P Sokolowski (Friday, August 14 15 08:11 am EDT)

    I am on the East Coast, with no advance technical staff in Long Beach. Alaric has been willing to step in and take care of the installation of a Firewall, repair of computers and general IT
    assistance with software installations and printer reconfiguration. It has been very helpful to know that I can call and have support from such a distance.

  • June (Wednesday, June 03 15 06:35 pm EDT)

    I am very much pleased with the services I received today. I will pass the business card to my friends. A job well done. Thanks.;

  • Dedra (Saturday, May 23 15 02:36 pm EDT)

    I was pleased w/service and would recommend Fixitech. Alaric kept me updated on the status until I got computer back and was prompt

  • Pamela Salyer (Monday, March 16 15 03:48 pm EDT)

    3/16/15 Prompt response.
    Knowledgeable tech. Mine was an easy fix, but would trust them with a difficult

  • John Garza (Monday, February 23 15 11:15 pm EST)

    As a tax and accounting business, I can\'t afford any extended down time. At the risk of sounding cliche, I can honestly say that Fixitech has provided me with fast reliable service.

  • Rebecca B. (Saturday, February 14 15 06:04 pm EST)

    I have worked with Mr. Fixitech twice and I am so very please with his professionalism and his ability to troubleshoot is outstanding. I am a day trader and I have a very large system with multiple
    monitors/laptops and a big gamer desktop that has two built in video cards. I find his prices to be very fair and he stands behind his work. He my fix- it - tech man.

  • Ronald Smith (Saturday, January 10 15 01:03 pm EST)

    Fixitech is efficient and very knowledgeable of the technology being used today, especially in commerce. They have come in and straightened out all the bugs in my system and also monitor my system to
    make sure it continues to run smoothly. Their response to any issue you may encounter is within a reasonable time frame. I am very satisfied with Fixitech and I intend to continue using them for all
    my computer support.

  • Jeremy Hall (Wednesday, October 01 14 09:04 pm EDT)

    Basically reinstalled the operating system along with some other hardware upgrades. There were some potential problems with some hardware, but they tested everything to make sure it was all
    compatible before installing. Kept me informed along the way. The tech even stayed late after they were suppose to close to make sure the job got done right, now that is A+ service! Highly

  • Garland Gayden (Monday, July 21 14 05:21 pm EDT)

    I was extremely pleased with the knowledge and professionalism exhibited by your rep Alaric. His follow-through also has been splendid. He kept me informed of the status of his progress and delivered
    service far exceeding expectations. I had previously tried an online repair service and was dismally disappointed with the results and had to in fact request a refund. Alaric fixed the problem and
    now I am a forever customer of Fixitech. . I was a staunch fan of Windows XP, however, he's convinced me of the need to upgrade--something I thought would never happen

  • sarah (Tuesday, July 15 14 12:21 pm EDT)

    I received very prompt service. The tech was very courteous and keep me informed on the progress of my repair. My computer has been free of unwanted error messages .

  • Dana Karcher (Wednesday, April 30 14 04:38 pm EDT)

    Fixitech has been very attentive to our needs. They respond in a very timely manner and assist in the areas requested without spending an excessive amount of time. The fees are very reasonable!

  • Alison Trafas (Saturday, April 05 14 04:05 am EDT)

    I liked that Fixitech came out in evening hours and they managed to fix the computer and bring it back in a short time. Alaric was very friendly, attentive and reassuring about getting the problem

  • Teresia (Thursday, March 27 14 01:31 pm EDT)

    Fixitech is really great. They solved my computer issue quickly and efficiently. Thank you Fixitech.

  • Dr. Joseph Marvizi (Monday, March 03 14 06:04 pm EST)

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    5.0 star rating

    Appreciated the service and we definitely recommend Fixitech for any one with computer hardware and software issues.

  • Frances Fomai (Tuesday, February 25 14 07:09 pm EST)

    My computer shut down on me in the middle of project and I lost it. I called Alaric and helped me or trouble shot the issue there on the spot. It took less than 5 minutes. Great service and
    definitely worth the money!

  • Joe Davis (Wednesday, January 15 14 10:11 pm EST)

    It was very difficult to find a reputable computer tech and I had just about gave up, when a business associate referred me to FixiTech. Not only did they show up when they said they would, but also
    didn't treat us like a loose nut on the keyboard! We are totally happy with FixiTech and have referred them to others, A Good Job, Well Done with quick turnaround.

  • Katrina Hagen (Monday, December 09 13 07:18 pm EST)

    We could not be happier with our experience with Alex, our FixiTech tech! He was prompt and more thorough than we ever could have hoped for, not to mention he saved us $300.00 compared to the other
    quotes we were given from other companies! We will be using your services in the future and would recommend you to anyone asking our advice. Thanks so much~ Katrina and Aaron Swanson

  • Katrina Hagen (Monday, December 09 13 07:17 pm EST)

    We could not be happier with our experience with Alex, our FixiTech tech! He was prompt and more thorough than we ever could have hoped for, not to mention he saved us $300.00 compared to the other
    quotes we were given from other companies! We will be using your services in the future and would recommend you to anyone asking our advice. Thanks so much~ Katrina and Aaron Swanson

  • Roscoe and Suzette (Thursday, November 07 13 08:27 am EST)

    Fixtech does an excellant job in taking care all of our computer needs and we find them very professional and completion in a very timely manner simply excellant

  • Joy Bacho (Saturday, October 19 13 12:15 pm EDT)

    Thank you for fixing my laptop computer. It Is working terrific.

  • Amy Rex (Thursday, August 29 13 11:33 am EDT)

    I can't say enough great things about Fixitech. They are so helpful at all hours of the day and evening!!! Fixitech has assisted me on multiple occassions with my computer issues and have been
    extremely patient in walking me through every aspect of the issue along the way. I don't know what I would do without them. I highly recommend Fixitech for your technical problem!

  • Judy Phelps (Friday, August 16 13 05:14 pm EDT)

    I am so surprised at how great my computer is running, the price, and the great service. Thank you so much.

  • Steve Lampron (Wednesday, August 14 13 11:13 am EDT)

    We had some issue with our computers and FIXITECH came out to the Boys & Girls Club and did a fantastic job in helping us retrieve our information and helped to restore our computers. I highly
    recommend FIXITECH to anyone that needs help or support with their technology needs. Very professional and fast in helping to resolve any and all issues.

  • Doris & Karen (Thursday, June 27 13 09:15 pm EDT)

    Fixitech was of great help to our technical needs. We are happy with the services received. Alaric goes beyond our expectations and it greatly appreciated. Thank you for all the help (:

  • Ronald Wright DDS (Tuesday, June 25 13 02:54 am EDT)

    We are please to say that Fixitech IT services has fulfilled our request for our practice exceptionally well. We will continue to use their services and their IT minds

    Thank You Fixitech ;-)!

  • Alan Armijo (Tuesday, May 21 13 01:37 pm EDT)

    Thanks Alaric for repairing my laptop computer. My business relies heavily on my computer being up and running. I had originally taken my computer to Staples for diagnosis as I had a Service Policy
    there. However, I decided to get a second opinion after meeting you at a networking mixer. You fixed the computer and a lower quoted price than Staples. Keep up the good work and excellent client
    service. AA.

  • Margaret (Thursday, May 02 13 08:00 pm EDT)

    was great. He talked in a way
    that I could understand. We will remain in touch. We will use Alaric again


  • Gia Busch (Thursday, May 02 13 04:18 pm EDT)

    Great work!

  • Amber (Thursday, April 25 13 11:48 pm EDT)

    I want to give a great big thank you to Fixitech! Alaric fixed my computer, did a great job at keeping me informed of the issues and no big shocking bill! Very reasonable prices. Very quick work.
    Very great customer service! I will never go anywhere else and have already recommended Fixitech to my family and friends.

  • Natalie Nayeri (Tuesday, April 09 13 09:28 pm EDT)

    As a senior consultant for Cbeyond, a publicly traded IT and communications company, working exclusively with small to mid-size businesses providing them with network and Cloud services while
    incorporating over 20 other productivity enhancing applications and even including mobiles to make a more effecient and cost effective IT and communications package, I have worked closely with
    Fixitech, Alaric, and have recommended him to clients in need of help. Fixitech does excellent work for Cbeyond and clients in need of a network and computer specialist. I highly recommend them as
    your technology ally.

  • Andres Auto Detailing (Friday, March 29 13 03:00 pm EDT)

    Andres Auto Detailing Shop would like to say that Fixitech has done a wonderful job repairing our business computers and setting up our new WIFI network to give our customer free internet. We will
    use there services as our primary IT support provider.
    Thanks Again Fixitech

  • Ernest Johnson (Thursday, March 28 13 03:18 pm EDT)

    The Boys & Girls clubs of the Harbor area Irvine Branch want to thank Fixitech for getting our Teen room computer lab up and running for S.A.T. preparation. Fixitech staff was very knowledgeable
    and showed great professionalism while working at our site. The kids want to thank Fixitech. We recommend that all clubs use Fixitech for all their computer upkeep.

  • Maria (Saturday, March 02 13 10:55 pm EST)

    I recently enlisted assistance from Fixitech to set up my home office just for my work place.I had previously used their services before so I was very comfortable with using them again.My technician
    repeatedly tested my network to make sure I was set up correctly and everything was running smoothly.He customized my much needed templates in order to be able to work from home more efficiently.In
    addition to cleaning up my computer and removing damaging programs and programs to would slow down my productivity, he also educated me well with information that I needed to know to keep the proper
    maintenance of my home office.I was also very grateful that he also moved items around so that my office would have better work flow.He removed all wires that I did not need.I did have a small
    program with my fax function, I contacted Fixitech, they acted promptly and my problem was resolved in minutes.That meant a lot to me because time is of the essence and I wanted help and I received
    help immediately.The customer service is absolutely amazing!! Again Fixitech went above and beyond the call of duty and I would not use anyone but them for my computer needs.I also feel that in terms
    of pricing, you get more than what you pay for especially the peace of mind that you are in great hands with Fixitech and they will be there for you when you need them the most.Great Job AGAIN

  • Kathryn Marquez (Monday, February 18 13 08:44 pm EST)

    I was having a hard time locating a cable for my POS computer. Fixitech found it and even delivered it to my work! Would definitely recommend and use again in the future! Thanks Fixitech!

  • Loranda (Tuesday, January 22 13 02:38 pm EST)

    Great Service!! My boyfriend and I were alittle eary at first leaving his system at a mailbox place, we didn't know if this was a for sure thing, but it was!! His motherboard had died and they
    brought it back to life!! Great job! Not to mention the price was great!!!! Would for sure come back here and get any of my devices fixed if needed to!! Don't bother going to best buy!

  • Eric Tate M.D (Monday, January 21 13 10:36 pm EST)

    Fixitech has been providing services to the office for approximately the past one year. The service has been excellent. Fixitech has resolved several software and hardware problems we have had in a
    timely fashion. Will continue to seek their services and do recommend their services for any business with IT needs.

  • Tony Williams (Sunday, January 20 13 11:48 pm EST)

    Alaric was great. My computer went down and he brought it back to life. I was scared what the bill would look like but he pleasantly surprised me with a reasonable bill instead of a sticker shock
    bill. I would highly recommend Fixitech to everyone

  • shaianne johnson (Tuesday, December 11 12 01:38 pm EST)

    Fixitech fixed my computer for very cheap and repaired all the problems I was experiencing. A great computer repair services and i will refer them to all

  • Carol (Sunday, December 09 12 12:07 pm EST)

    FixiTech did a terrific job with my four year old computer. They quickly cleaned it up and recommended specific additional memory. Having this computer updated was so worth it! Thank you so much.

  • D Jefferson (Thursday, October 25 12 07:54 pm EDT)

    Fixitech was very thorough and professional.
    They diagnosed and cleared my computer of malware and recommended software that I needed, which updated my computer and enhanced its performance.
    I have used Fixitech's services exclusively since then and highly recommend them to my co workers and friends.

  • Maritza Cook (Friday, October 19 12 01:40 am EDT)

    The Technician (Alaric) was very helpful in doing all my troubles with my Laptop, my Disk Wipe and installing my new printer. I highly recommend Alaric for your next computer repairs. An excellent
    price on his services and a very nice gentleman. I am very satisfied with his work! God Bless you! A very happy customer!

  • Kimberly Wilcox (Friday, October 12 12 02:21 am EDT)

    Thank you Fixitech! They were able to diagnose and fix my computer SUPER fast and for cheap! I was so greatful to recover all of my files that I thought I may have lost! Thank you!

  • S. Reyes (Thursday, October 11 12 10:17 am EDT)

    Fixitech is agreat!!! the technician (Alaric) he is very helpful, he fixed my home computer and my laptop very quickly and for a great price.

  • Reyes (Wednesday, October 10 12 10:14 am EDT)

    The technician (Alaric) is the best he is very helpful. I like the service he provides.

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