Professional Services


 From the basic to the complicated, our IT support will repair, resolve, renew, and restore your problematic technical issues.  

  • Repair\fix Laptops, mobile phones, tablets, desktops, monitors 
  • Resolve all viruses, malware, and spyware issues
  • Restore operating system and system maintenance failures
  • Rebuild corrupted operating system profiles
  • Renew existing network connectivity via device and network devices
  • Troubleshoot  and restore software  application dysfunctions and failures
  • Reinstall of computer peripherals & software applications
  • Recover data from disk drives physical failures
  • Complete computer hardware and software upgrades, installations, enhancements,or  replacements
  • Complete computer performance tune-ups
  • Perform computer diagnostics
  • Support users remotely
  • Provided technical Consulting and Customization
  • Setup mobile and gaming devices into a network environment
  • Create data back up processes 
  • Configure or Create a networking environment to share resources
  • Wipe device processes 
  • Patch Panels & Networking setup wireless/wired
  • Network Cabling Installations CAT5\CAT6 
  • Printer maintenaces (maintenance kits are needed)          



Where to Find Us:

Fixitech-Service Center Only
Concord, NC 28027


Fixitech- Contact Center Only

Long Beach, CA 90815


Our business hours

Monday - Saturday09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

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